Opening on it's own


I have had this for about two months and was fine until about 5 days ago. It is now randomly opening on it’s own. Just came home at night tonight with garage wide open and saw that it opened 20 minutes earlier. I can’t have this, we are lucky nobody entered the house or took anything from the garage. As I said this is now happening daily. What is up?


Garadget does not operate the door unless it receives the command from an authorized client app.
If you use this feature, I’d suggest taking a closer look at integrations such us IFTTT’s geo-location based applet etc. Sometimes the location services are not reported by the mobile device accurately causing unintended results.
Please PM me the device ID if you wand me to inspect the logs for your device.


Mine has been doing the same thing and I have no integrations in IFTTT it’s been doing it so much I’m to the point of trying to get a refund I’ve only had it for maybe a month and lately it just opens and closes on its own.


I’d recommend inspecting the wiring and changing the password for the good measure. Please PM me for the arrangements if you would like to return your Garadget for refund.


Sent you a message, I’d like it investigated to see what is up. It has been working fine up until recently where it just randomly opens and closes.

It is hard to trust it because it was fine for all week then I go on vacation this weekend and it randomly opened twice. Just makes me nervous.

Thanks and hopefully we can figure out what is causing this.


Do you have your door integrated with SmartThings? I had a similar thing happen the night before last where our door was open all night, fortunately nothing was stolen. But when I went to check the next day I found that the laser had moved up (likely from vibration of the garage door opener) and so it was reporting back 0% reflection. Because of this my Garadget could only assume the door was open. And then at 10:00 p.m. I have a “Good Night” automation process that closes the door if left open. In this case the door was closed but the sensor reading made it appear the door was in fact open when it was not.

I’ve readjusted the laser and it is working fine now, but I’m considering putting some hot glue on the Garadget hinge to fix it in place or just go to Home Depot and buy a larger reflective pad to help negate the issue. The Garadget platform is pretty secure so I would look to the more obvious solutions first before assuming your account was hacked. Let us know what you find out with your door.


BTW in my setup it seems like this was related to some weird issue on my garage door and programming. Even after removing the garadget it was still doing this. So I reset my program codes on my garage door and testing again now.