Overhead Door 455 model photo sensors install?

Hello I bought a house with a 455 model installed, I realized there is no photo/security sensors.
I order this kit from overhead door guessing it will work OVERHEAD DOOR SAFETY BEAMS | OVERHEAD DOOR PHOTOCELL KIT the instructions that came with it don’t match my garage opener.

Instructions say to wire both sensors into slot #1 and slot #2 matching the cable ends.

My door opener has:
Push button

Common and Photo a are actually bridged together so I figured the correct wiring would be:

push button + common(bridged to photo)

the sensors light up and when tripped start flashing, however the door doesn’t stop and retract.


does anybody have this garage door opener with sensors? and if so, what is the correct wiring?

I’m guessing the brass plate between the COMMON and PHOTO was inserted to bypass obstacle detection without the sensor installed. That should probably go if you add the actual sensor.