Particle/android account disappeared?

Hey guys,

When I originally set up my garadget I used the android app and both the app and web part worked. I just tried using the android app today and it told me my credentials were invalid and when I hit forgot password that there was no account associated with my email address. I logged into the website with the exact same credentials and it worked fine from there.

So I just went ahead and created a new account in the android app using the same credentials and set up my garadget it on it, now the only problem is the web app is saying no doors found so I’m guessing it’s not associated with my new particle account. Is there any easy way to link the accounts again?

Thanks for any help!

There was a report from another customer about similar situation.
Turned out there was difference in the capitalization of email address which is irrelevant for sending emails, but Particle handles it case sensitive.