Password Change & Enhanced Access Control

Is there really no way within either the app or the website to proactively change your password? I realize most of us are lazy and don’t change them like we should, but when you want to change it I think it is a safe assumption that there will be a way to do it. I found the link in another thread to reset the password, but I’m amazed that there is not integrated into the website or app, especially since it is so easy to do. Is this a case of a basic item just getting forgotten about or am I missing something?

Along with other threads it would be nice to be able to grant access for periods of time or during certain times of the day to allow users to access. For example, I have workers coming to my house that I’d like to have access during the day only or I plan to have the sprinklers shut off and want to give my gardner access on a certain day for a certain timeframe. Integrated locks have similar features.

You can change the your account password by visiting:

There were some issues reported with password reset feature in mobile apps, but they are addressed in the recent betas. Please PM me if you want to get on the test group.

Re. limited access: work in progress, will become available later.

When I go to that page and enter my email address, it says that email doesn’t exist :frowning:

Please PM me the device ID and the email associated with the account.
You can lookup the device ID using embedded web interface: