Password Reset Connundrum

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Hi Denis,

I use an iPhone and have signed up for the beta testing. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my user password but can confirm my logon email address via the settings option on the current IOS app.

My problem is that the password reset option doesn’t recognise the email address shown in the above settings option as a valid logon. At the moment, my exiting IOS apps are working fine on both the phone and iPad as they are obviously still logged in with the original credentials from when I first set up Garadget. Do I need to logoff the existing app first and then complete the reset process ?

Coincidentally, my wife’s Android phone has spontaniously lost the logon credentials but is still receiving alerts.

I can DM the email address and device ID if needed.




The issues can arise from the ambiguity when the same email address is used for both regular Particle account and Garadget specific Particle account. Also please keep in mind that the capitalization matters when entering the username/email.

Please PM me the address and I can check things out on the server. I can also initiate the password reset for you.


Sorry to waste your time Denis. I hadn’t been able to initiate the reset request via the iOS or Android route but have been able to complete it via the Web App on my Windows computer.

There may be a comptibility issue since I obviously used the same spelling and capitalisation of my email address. I use a separate account for the community sign on and the gadaraget particle account (I only use Garadget as a consumer user).

If it helps, I’ve seen it before entering a Captcha on iPad where I have to use lowercase regardless of the characters displayed. For some reason they don’t always recognise iOS capitalisation. My email address is lowercase letters with the obligatory dot com/ format so as to keep life simple.

Anyway, password has now been reset and all devices are happy bunnies again.




No worries, Rob. I enjoy the interaction.

Re difference is that the web app doesn’t use Garadget’s specific authentication mechanism so it works with both vanilla Particle account as well as Garadget specific one. Although this introduces some ambiguity in cases when both types of account exist with the same email address, it also allows customers who decided to use their units outside of the organization mode to still have access the UI.

I’ll see about account type switch or separate web forms for different accounts to disambiguate the situation.


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