Please Help: My door will not open or close

Hi All,

I need your help, despite the successful configuration of my Garadget I am having difficulty with the wiring. I recently bought this house and the garage motor doesn’t have any branding on it to find an online manual.

In summary, I have wired into the Open/Close and nothing happens when I trigger Garadget other than hearing what sounds like a solenoid click.

Reading posts on here from other members who suffered the same problem, I followed the advice to test the connection by bridging it - still no luck!

Any help and advice is welcome

The terminal’s behavior may be affected by the dip switches above them. It is hard to tell what they do without the manual. It would be possible to trace the cover buttons with continuity tester and tap them.

The issue though is that Garadget offers a single set of contacts. If the opener requires separate buttons for open/stop/close the it will not interface correctly.

Did you get the wireless remote(s) with this opener? Any branding on those?