Power supply failed

I have two doors that have been working ok since install August 2017. One plug pack supplied has just failed. I have replaced it but for some reason the garadget will not work. I have been through the reconnect process a number of times after resetting to the flashing blue led. Everything seems to sinc up ok with the wifi modem as I get the set up complete message. The garadget just goes back into fast flashing green led mode each time and the app shows not connected. Has the Garadget been damaged by the faulty power supply ?


The continuous green light blinking indicates that Garadget can’t connect to your WiFi router. The first thing I would recommend is testing the password you give in the setup. You can do that by making your phone “forget” that same connection and setting it up again.

Please let me know if the password is working and we’ll try something else.

Hi Denis, Yes the password is ok, I use the same password on another garadget about 12" away from the faulty one. I have 2 roller doors next to each other . When setting up the connection , all indications are that it is connected on the app but the front screen still shows the red triangle and the led colour / sequence is incorrect.

Please PM me the ID of the troubled unit and I’ll check things from the server end.