Problem Connecting to Photon Network After Reset

When I originally got Garadget last month, my WIFI coverage did not reach to my garage in the end, so I ordered a new router/access point with better range. In trying to reset and switch to this network, I can no longer connect to the PHOTON-XXXX network. If I hold the Mode button for 3 seconds, it does go to blinking blue, but the Photon network doesn’t even show up. If I hold it 10 seconds and get the fast blink, it does show up afterward occasionally, but I still cannot connect to it. I have tried cycling power, and using the reset button as well. What can I do about this?


I’d try in this order:

So, I got home from work, and the network was showing up again, but still couldn’t connect to it. Unplugged it, brought it inside to the kitchen, and plugged it in, and it configured no problem. It’s working great now. So confused as to why it wouldn’t work last night or in the Garage before configured. Also, I can say that it definitely works with Google WiFi, and Google WiFi is an amazing signal increase over my old WiFi, even with just one unit.

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