Re-authenticate every 90 days IFTTT


I’ve been using garadget and IFTTT for years now, and am getting tired of re-authenticating every 90 days. I read on here that the token was changed from 90 days to non-expiring back in 2018, but I’ve always experienced this issue.

Is there something I’ve not done correctly?



Did I post this in the wrong area?

Same for me, Logan. I reported it on here quite a long time ago (may have been in that other conversation you read). I don’t think the ‘non-expiring’ token fix actually “STUCK” with IFTT, unfortunately. In fact, here lately I’ve had to re-authenticate once a week. Not sure what’s going on.

I don’t think you posted in the ‘wrong spot’ or anything, there just isn’t much traffic on this site anymore. I don’t know how often @garadget monitors the posts here or if he can do anything to help with our situation. I’m sure others have had the same struggles we have.

I’m aware of the situation with the re-authorization. The non-expiring token directive should have worked, but it’s quite evident that it doesn’t. Potentially this can be quite involving thing to work around and at this time there is no immediate plan to address it.

Looking at IFTTTs attempts at monetization on the consumer side and some services dropping out I’m not particularly enthusiastic about where things are going. Still, on the provider side, Garadget service is renewed/paid for entirety of 2023.

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Thanks abarbee314 for sharing your experience, and also @garadget for reply.

May I ask, is the task of “closing the door at X time if open” an option to be baked into the garadget app? It has the reminder part, but it’s a security issue for me to ensure the door is closed at night, and sadly I miss it on occasion after the 3 months (took me years to work out it wasn’t my fault!).

Many thanks, Logan.

There is a notification in the app for that. Specify the time period for night and you’ll get notification if the door is open at beginning of the period or opened during it.