Red and white led

Hi guys, wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me.

I’ve got 2 units in my garage, one for each door. One of the units has stopped working, when powering it up I get a red and white flashing led. Pressing the R button does nothing, no led’s respond to pressing this button. Pressing the L button it trys to connect but never does, I just get the red and white flashing led for about 40 seconds then the led stops.

I’ve tried a new power cable and it made. O difference.

Any chance you can share a video of the LED indications?
Red is typically indicative of error (unless you refer to the laser in front of the unit). White normally appears for a short time after reset and never again.

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Might try replacing the USB charger, it worked for me

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Hi guys, took your advice and used the same cable and same charger that works when I take the unit in the house. When the unit is in the house it connects straight away and shows up as normal in the app.

The problem I have now is that the LED flashes dark blue when I refix it back in the garage and shows as offline in the app. Ive tried holding down the M button for 3 and 10 seconds aa detialed in the set up instructions and it makes no difference.

Dark blue blinking indicates setup mode with Garadget’s hotspot active. Try completing the setup again.

Update, got to the set up stage but app keeps crashing and gives me a message saying app has a bug. Also noticed the Playstore says its not compaitbale with my version of Android.

I’ve been doing some quiet research on this and its seems people have had the same issues and the app is no longer supported by Apple or Android. Im hoping theres a way around this as I’ve been neem using Garadget for a few years now and dont wnat to move to a different product.

There were reports of app no longer working with the latest Android. It does work on iOS and earlier versions of Android.

Hi Denis, thanks, does that mean Garadget can no longer work with Android devices unless you remain with the older operating system which I doubt many people would do?

On the latest Android OS you can still access through the web interface at: Doors
There is no plan to update the app.

I’ve tried setting it up again using the webapp and it makes no difference as it still wont connect.

Looks like I’m going to have to get an alternative wifi door opener that works with Android devices if the Garadget app isnt going to be updated as I cant afford to swap from an Android phone to an iphone.

On the positve side I’ve had a couple of years out of the Garadget unit.

Well, I’d accepted one of my Garadget units had completely failed after a couole of years…now my second one has also died and is completely useless which is hard to accept, in my opionion these seem have a limited lifespan.