Reflection Fighting



I know about the tube option and the extra reflecting tape.

My issue is when the garage is open, I am still getting random reflection percentages of up > 15%. So I have to increase to 20% when the garage is open.

Then, when the garage is closed, I get reflections dropping below 20% randomly (for no reason i can see), which again throws open/close alerts.

I have to manipulate the reflection sensor every time I want to leave the garage open, which is becoming a bit of a pin.

Note, these reflection things when open are a new thing, it was always fine in the past. Where is it reflecting from ? There is nothing but air for 20M when the garage is open.



Fighting no more - Ignore this. In the chase for the perfect centre of my new reflection strips, I had inadvertently got my laser just touching on the bottom of the of steel cross members on the door - hence a small random reflection. Moved laser lower and 0 reflection when open again - dropped rate to 5% and all good again.