Reflection % fluctuates and gives false open/close

My units been working fine had the unit for few years now… but lately started to see wild fluctuation in Reflection %, thus gives false open/close.

  1. Cleaned reflector plus the unit itself

  2. Did the toilet paper tube trick

  3. Finally, changed power brick

Each step sort of helped… especially #3, but I still get fluctuation in Reflection %…

What might be causing this??

Do you observe any patterns in fluctuations? Time of day?
What is the range of fluctuations?

Tended to happen around the afternoon. The sunlight gets quite strong in the late afternoon. I did get rid of one of lightbulbs in my garage door opener’s main unit. That seems to control the ambient light quite dramatically. Fluctuation is much better now.

Fluctuations in reflection can also indicate a power supply starting to fail. If you are using a USB adapter (i.e. like an old USB phone charger), it might be starting to fail. Mine started to go after 2+ years, it was getting reflections down to 30-40% when closed, swapped out a replacement power supply and it was straight back up to 95%. Remember these PSUs are running 24/7 so they will fade over time.

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I did go ahead and changed the USB power supply as suggested.
It still tend to fluctuates during the late afternoon… I’m guessing something to do with heat that’s accumulating in the garage??

P.S. It would be great if extra power supply was available via the shop…