Reflection value

What kind of “reflection” value should I be seeing? Over the past few days I’ve seen values from 11 down to 4. I have a paper-towel-roll core over the garadget, and the spot is shining in the middle of the reflector.

4-11 are pretty weak. Good reflections are 50 and up. Does reflection improve in the dark?

11 was at night.

If you still have a second reflector, try holding it in the path of the beam and monitor the reflection (web app reports it in real time) while trying different angles. If you can’t get reflection in 50+ range with the reflector at the normal distance then the laser may need to be replaced.

I’ve held a second reflector quite close to the Garadget, but the reflection value did not change. Can we be sure that it’s the laser module that’s bad and not the sensor?

Did you get better reflection at any point before?
Does laser appear dim?

Doesn’t look dim to me: the spot on the reflector, even at its normal distance, seems plenty bright enough.

I don’t remember what kind of readings I was getting when the device was first installed. It is only within the last few months that I’ve been getting all these false opening/closing messages.

Ok, we’ll sort it out. Please PM your order details and we’ll get the service request going.

Sorry, I can’t see how to send the details as a PM rather than to the forum. I bought the Garadget a little over a year ago, so I assume it’s now out of warranty, but I know how to use a soldering iron. I’ve seen the information you’ve posted to others about the type of laser module to get, but I haven’t seen anything about what kind of detector.

To send a PM you click on the profile image and then blue “Message” button.
Garadget uses a photo-transistor 3DU5C.

OK. I’ve sent the order info. as a PM.