Reflection very low

Originally my reflection values stayed around 98%. The garadget unit has been running great since I installed it in Dec 2018. And it still works except it keeps saying it is opening. I look a the reflection values and it shows 5% and less. After a power cycle, it is better in the 20% range, but still looks dim on the reflector. The best I could get is 48% and it is stable with the Closed status. Is it possible the LED laser is going out?

Thanks for any information!

I would try replacing the power adapter first. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.
If that doesn’t improve the reflection level we can look into other options.

OK. I will see if I have a spare USB charger and try it. I would have thought the wifi connection would have been affected long before the laser. I will keep you posted what happens.

Patrick Ring