Reflection very low

Originally my reflection values stayed around 98%. The garadget unit has been running great since I installed it in Dec 2018. And it still works except it keeps saying it is opening. I look a the reflection values and it shows 5% and less. After a power cycle, it is better in the 20% range, but still looks dim on the reflector. The best I could get is 48% and it is stable with the Closed status. Is it possible the LED laser is going out?

Thanks for any information!

I would try replacing the power adapter first. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.
If that doesn’t improve the reflection level we can look into other options.

OK. I will see if I have a spare USB charger and try it. I would have thought the wifi connection would have been affected long before the laser. I will keep you posted what happens.

Patrick Ring

Ah, good idea. I am having the same problem with my reflection has suddenly gone very low, reflector is in the same place, the red laser DOES look dim.

Please can you look at my “lower garage”. The reflection is very low, I tried changing the reflector, tried changing the usb power supply but it is very low.

Is reflection low regardless of the time of day?
In some cases this issue may be related to the ambient light.

There are no windows in the garage.

Sounds like the laser diode may be failing. They are not difficult to replace if you are into DIY projects: