Reflective circles

Where can I buy a couple more of the circle reflective surfaces? I’d like to get 2 more.

You can use pretty much any retro-reflective safety tape. Here’s one option:

Alternatively, if this can wait, please PM me in early July and I’ll mail you few more reflective tags.

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Mine unit for whatever reason didn’t like this.?

@Landrover360, yours looks like a shiny (light scattering) type.
Garadget works with the retro-reflectors, the kind that sends the light back to the direction from which it came.
BTW, solid retro-reflectors work just fine too.

Sure definitely understand the concept. I was under the impression I got the same thing another user posted awhile back until I got it in the mail and realized it was a bird scare tape. Which would scatter the light like a disco ball, Ha.