Reflector alternatives that work?


Does anyone have a GOOD solution for extra reflectors
The 2 I got in the box are okay but the cold weather and my garage being metal seems to make it fall overnight down a bit where the laser does not hit

I did a search but every solution for alternatives is not available till after Christmas

So are there alternatives good reflectors I can use

Thanks everyone


I searched ebay for “reflective tape” then filtered listings by location (US) and then sorted by lowest price.
This looks like ok option for small quantity with fast delivery.

If you just need few more tags like included in the kit, please PM.


thank you
Will this work??


I used a fairly long strip of clear packing tape covering the reflective strip to help keep it in place. My reflective is staying in place and it’s reflecting the light through the tape.


Hi there. I had the exact same issue with my original reflector stickers (metal door, cold temps, condensation messes up the laser reading, etc.). So I bought some plastic reflectors with a foam adhesive back. You can buy them at a local hardware, farm supply, etc. store.

I’ll try and include the link to my earlier post…

Link regarding plastic reflector to replace sticker

Aaron :slight_smile:


You need Reflective Tape that passes the ASTM standard for Type IV High-Intensity Grade Reflective Surfaces. It is identical to the disks that come with Garadget. I found it on Amazon, but it is not in stock right now. Search for Type IV reflective tape. Much of the cheaper tape is Type I, engineering grade, and was not adequate.


Just go to your local sign shop.
Ask if they have any scrap peices of ‘3m class 1 dimond grade reflective’. I picked up a free peice about 300mm X 300mm. Works perfect.


I found a pack of safety tape for use on trailers at Lowes. Pack includes a couple red/silver strips. I just cut the red off and used the silver portion. Easy peezy!


I got this:


Tapes come in various grades of reflectivity. The XFasten Reflective Tape passes the ASTM standard for Type IV High-Intensity Grade Reflective Surfaces. I bought this tape and it works great and is exactly like the disks that come with Garadget. More expensive, but it works.

It is the Amazon Choice for reflective tape.


You might approach this differently and try something like 3M Molding tape with the reflectors that come with Garadget. This stuff is super strong and used for automotive applications, bet it would work fine.