Sensor Keeps Moving

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I installed my new Garadget this morning and the sensor location keeps moving. I’m thinking it’s the heat in my garage. I have it connected the device directly to the plastic portion of my garage opener.

I’m thinking I may need to connect it to the metal bracing.

Any suggestions?


It’s likely caused by the vibration of the motor. Before trying anything else, please make sure the screw in the mount is tight.

If Garadget keeps moving then the you may want to secure the plastic part to which it is attached or move Garadget to some more stable location.


I tightened the screw on the mount, and so far it seems to be staying in the same place. Thanks!


Even though I’ve tightened the screw on the mount, I’m finding that the laser it’s slowly moving away from the reflective patch. It would be nice if the patch was a little bigger in circumference. Is there anything I can use as an alternative reflective patch?


You can either move existing patch or add the second patch at the location where laser migrated.
Another option is to move Garadget to more stable surface.


No vibration, door and motor are solid, I was sleeping, no one is moving around


Mine too, not sure why it moves. It’s solid, wish the patch was a lot bigger


To increase the reflective area, you can apply additional reflective tag included in the kit or purchase more reflective material (ebay, amazon).

Better yet, try determining what causes the movement. Other than the mount, there are no moving parts inside of Garadget itself. It must be the object to which it is attached that moves over time, possibly due to changes in temperature.


my 2 of these are working great, love them now, understand them now.

Quick question, if I buy one more for a different house, (these are in CA new to so be NY) can I add them to my account as anther door? Using a different wifi connection.? You know Wemo’s can’t be installed from different locations on the same iPhone or iPad. It’s crazy… so I want to be sure before I buy more.



Happy to hear you’re enjoying your Garadgets.
You will be able to control multiple units installed in different locations from the same account.
The controllers don’t have to be on the same LAN/WiFi.


Great Thanks,

Sorry to see so many bad reviews on Amazon. It’s hard to have a product when you can’t control all the ingredients. Keep up the good work.



Thank you for your support, Carl.


I’m having trouble with one of my three units. Two have been rock solid since I installed them A year ago. One, however, keeps drifting up and pointing above the door itself. I’ve realigned it several times, tightening and loosening the screw to varying degrees and it always drifts up again. I’ve removed and replaced the 3M double sided sticky tape, and that didn’t make a difference. I’ve pointed it lower to begin with and used 3 reflecting pads to increase the surface area. But it still drifts back up and settles in the same position above the door. I suspect the mounting clip may be damaged or worn in such a way as to make it slip back to that position over time.

I’m now considering getting it to my desired alignment and then gluing the damn clip into position. Any other suggestions? Is there a way to order a replacement mounting clip to see if that would help?


Relative to the friction in the mount, Garadget weight is not signification enough to make it move. The issue is likely in adhesive or the opener itself. Please check that there is no tension on the wires pulling or pushing your controller. Also consider mounting it using the screw and/or attaching it to something else other than the garage opener if it has tendency to shift.