Should garadget reconnect on its own?


I’ve had garadget installed for 2 or 3 weeks now and today I got my first “offline” notification. I don’t know why it would have gone offline, the power has not gone out nor has the Internet or power to the router/WiFi or anything like that. I waited and waited to see if it would go back online but it never did, so I hit the “R” button and it reconnected just fine. About 3 hours later it has gone offline again. Still no reason that I can tell, I was browsing the Internet when it went offline and I was never affected. I’m still waiting to see if it will reconnect. Should it reconnect on its own?? It seems like a huge flaw if it doesn’t, I would hate to get locked out of my house because I can’t open the door from the app and can’t get inside to hit the “R” button.

Also, while waiting to see if it reconnects, I wanted to set an alert to tell me if it goes back online. I clicked on alerts and it popped up with the name of the garage door and “ok” button but did not take me to the alerts menu at all.


It does re-connect automatically. What was the LED indication while the unit was offline?
The alert settings are saved in the unit’s memory so it needs to be connected for this section of UI to work.


The second time it went offline, I did not do anything, wanting to see if it would ever reconnect. It has been offline for 2 hours now. I went out to check the LED and it was slow blinking a light blue color. I just now hit the “R” button to see what the LED light does while it is online, and after reconnecting, it went back to slow blinking a light blue color. So the LED is doing the same thing whether offline or online.

Also, if I have the app (android) open while hitting the “R” button, the status does not change from “offline” to “closed” until I restart the app entirely.


Slow pulsing cyan means that as far as Garadget is concerned it has a connection to WiFi network and server.
You can try to reset the unit and re-add it to the account. If you PM me the device ID I’ll look at the log on the server.