Simple Commands Connection

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Garadget got a connection with Simple Commands. You can use their app on Android & iOS smartwatches, smartphones, Alexa to control your garage doors as well as your thermostats, lights, switches, sprinkler systems, automotive info, and more!

This should allow among other things Garadget control from apple watch and Siri. Please give it a try and post your thoughts here.

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Have been using this for the last few weeks. Mostly it works quite well through simple commands. However there have been a few occasions it has not worked. I suspect simple commands requires the watch to have access to the phone
The ideal scenario is for the watch to be able to operate independently to the phone when out of range (Series3 with 4G). May as well use the phone if you have it with you!



Please try reaching out directly to Simple Commands folks with your suggestion.
They’re on twitter as @simplecommands.