Simple commands not working with Gardget

All of sudden Simple commands wont let me login with my Gardget ID

Let me explain
I had Garadget in Simple Commands working fine till last week. it said no connection to Garadget, so I deleted the app in Simple Commands and went to re-add it
It pops up a login, I put in my correct UN which is my email and PW which I checked is 100% correct

But then it says "Invalid UN or PW credentials

I would think the problem is their connection to Garadget not working or something but I dont know how to FIX

I did contact Simple commands too but so far no response so I thought I would ask you all and see if you can help me with a FIX or contact them and tell them of the problem

Thank you all

There was a change in the authentication mechanism and contacted Simple Commands about that, but never heard back. Not sure the app is still maintained - latest version in app store is from last July, before that the releases were at least once a month.

Just FYI, I’ve just logged into my SimpleCommands (both via APP and also their website and I can still see my Garadget and I am also able to obtain a status of my Garadget. Didn’t try opening and closing a door though. Hope this helps.

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