Siri not working

Hi. Bit of an odd one, but I have had HomeKit integration via homebridge working with Garadget for about a year. It still works fine. However, just recently the Siri integration has stopped working. My garadgets are the only non Apple product that is having the issue. And I can make it work by resetting up Siri. However the minute I leave my home and come back it stops working. I can still operate the garage fine from the apple home app or the garadget app. I’m thinking maybe an IP issue, but also thought I’d see if anything might have changed on the garadget end that could impact this ? Thank you! Love Garadget ! :grin:

Thanks for the info.
There were no changes on our end. That would affect functionality in HomeKit app as well.
This could be something to do with Siri specifically and hot with HomeKit in general.
Please post the update if anything changes.

Will do. Kinda figured this was the case but had to ask! Will post a solve when I find it ! :grin:

I would suggest trying the bypass feature. Which essentially turns your garage into a light switch and test. Might be due to security. @sps

Bypass feature? Where do I find that? And thank you! :slight_smile:

You can add another garadget but change the name To something else. same access token and device id. Bypass string is there set as 1

Are you using the 0.4 version?

Below is just an example for one.

“accessories”: [{
“accessory”: “Garadget”,
“name”: “Garage Door”,
“cloudURL”: “”,
“deviceID”: “”,
“access_token”: “”,
“bypass”: “1”,
“args”: “{STATE}”

Ah I see what you mean, so tried this. Changed it to a switch but then I couldn’t operate the door, by either Siri nor the iOS Apple Home app. I changed back to bypass 0. Now the iOS Apple Home app works again, but Siri doesn’t. She’s saying she’s having trouble connecting [to the garage], please try again in a moment. Which tells me whatever cloud service Siri talks with, there’s something up there.

You got apple tv? Its used for remote homekit stuff

I do have an Apple TV, it’s my homekit hub.

Hmm maybe you need to open up some ports. Sounds like your router blocking ports so it can communicate outside your network

Well I don’t know what to tell you, but it all mysteriously started working again today…

Oof well i am glad!

Appreciate the help!