Siri Operation

I have tried with no success IFTTT siri to open the door. I use car play and would like to have Siri operate the door. Is there a solution for this?

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Please describe what you attempted.

Hey Eric,

Although possible with IFTTT, I would rather use homekit + siri to accomplish this.(This is way faster than an IFTTT trigger) You could also have it setup to open the garage as you drive up to your door without even using siri.
Eric, are you good with computers? If so, I would suggest spending some time(4-8hrs) and money($35) trying out homebridge. If not, let me know how I can help.

  • Raspberry pi 3 - $35
  • Power - $15
  • Case - $10

I’ve created a homebridge(homekit) plugin for garadget. I also have a tutorial in the wiki section on how to install it on a Raspberry pi 3.

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$27.99 with code PI20 until the end of today.

I have it set up and working with my smart home, but I would like Siri to be able to operate it hands free from the vehicle.

I could not fin the recipe maker in IFTTT, I wanted to have Siri send a text to operate. I was thinking it would be secure if the text would only work from my number. worried it could be spoofed from the net.

You can find the IFTTT Maker channel here.
Only devices authorized in your IFTTT account will be able to trigger the action.

Hey xNinjasx was wondering of you had a Windows walk through like you have listed above for a mac above. I’d love to give this a go and have purchased everything I need. Just don’t use a mac :frowning:

Keep me posted and appreciate the effort above.
Cheers mate.

In the intro section of the wiki you will find a link to do the windows install of the pi

Most of the instruction is assuming prerequisite such as having already running the pi and just adding the dependences. Please let me know how far into the tutorial you are at.

Hi Eric,
I have the same issue using car play and keep hitting a brick wall until today. This has worked for me and I don’t need to ask “Siri” to open any apps to make my garage door open and close when I arrive or leave home now. Simply look for the Garadget launcher inside the IFTTT app. One in the garadget app look for “Open Garage on Arrival” and “Close Garage on Departure” and if you want notifications to appear on your device then you can add “Notify when garage Open’s and Closes” too. Open the trigger “Open Garage on Arrival” and set your parameters. Make sure your geofence circle is just over your house for departures and a little wider for arrival and save the settings. Don’t set these triggers on your phone cause the geofence doesn’t let you zoom in as much as doing it on your PC or Mac.
I know cause I did it on my phone and it didn’t work as well.
Hopefully this helps and you can just pull up to you driveway and the door opens automatically. Just give it a minute to trigger cause it takes a few seconds,
Let me know if this works for you.
Ian Pinto

Found a work around which I have posted below. Thanks for the quick reply NInjas

Many Thanks

Sweet. Let me know how it works out

Just follow this youtube video

Just wanted to follow up on this and let you know that it worked for me. I am now able to control my garage door by simply asking Siri to open the garage door …

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