Siri Operation

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I have tried with no success IFTTT siri to open the door. I use car play and would like to have Siri operate the door. Is there a solution for this?


Please describe what you attempted.


Hey Eric,

Although possible with IFTTT, I would rather use homekit + siri to accomplish this.(This is way faster than an IFTTT trigger) You could also have it setup to open the garage as you drive up to your door without even using siri.
Eric, are you good with computers? If so, I would suggest spending some time(4-8hrs) and money($35) trying out homebridge. If not, let me know how I can help.

  • Raspberry pi 3 - $35
  • Power - $15
  • Case - $10

I’ve created a homebridge(homekit) plugin for garadget. I also have a tutorial in the wiki section on how to install it on a Raspberry pi 3.


$27.99 with code PI20 until the end of today.


I have it set up and working with my smart home, but I would like Siri to be able to operate it hands free from the vehicle.


I could not fin the recipe maker in IFTTT, I wanted to have Siri send a text to operate. I was thinking it would be secure if the text would only work from my number. worried it could be spoofed from the net.


You can find the IFTTT Maker channel here.
Only devices authorized in your IFTTT account will be able to trigger the action.