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Have two Garadget’s on the way - one for the garage door and one, I hope, for my front sliding gate. I am thinking about how I am going to install the Garadget to my sliding gate…is it possible to have the reflective tape set at a position when the gate is open ie the other way around as described in your instructions???

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This can be implemented through the firmware modification, but I’d recommend using a wired sensor in outdoor applications. You can learn using Garadget with gates from these posts.

Thanks so very much for your rapid reply. I never knew there was a wired sensor available for Garadget but it makes sense to keep the device away from the elements and sounds a lot easier in terms of install :slight_smile: I’m trolling through the posts you suggest but cannot find the sensor you recommend, can I trouble you to point me please and I will order.

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There are versions of firmware for both normally open and normally closed switches. In either case the switch should be detecting the closed state of the gate. E.g. one state when the gate is fully closed and other another state for open, opening half open etc.

When it comes to the choice of switches, I personally have no experience with what is customary in the outdoor installations, but if I had to guess on the spot, I’d go with either a rugged version of magnetic security sensor (1, 2), or a waterproof mechanical switch of the heavy duty variety (1, 2).

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Last couple of questions if I may before I go shopping - looking at the ‘magnet sensor links’ you kindly supplied it appears they are a two wire installation yet the extension port at the back is 4 pin. Which holes will they go into or does it matter. After following your advice it will work best for me to have the magnets in the closed position…will I need to update the firmware to over-ride the inbuilt laser and use the newly installed magnets externally located or is everything still as per the post in this community (Gate Installation) and your reply Nov '16

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The connection info is in this post and it is correct for the firmware version in the same. When you have all the hardware, let me know and I’ll help you with the firmware update.

Thanks again - hoping my Garadgets will be delivered today :slight_smile: so will probably install at the weekend. The reed switch I have ordered is ‘normally closed’ when in the vicinity of the magnet. I take it I install the ‘closed’ firmware? Should I run into issues shall I PM you as opposed to filling this thread? I’m sure I found a guide somewhere on your site how to install the firmware - if I read correctly I also need to let you know the serial of my Garadget so you don’t update in the future?

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Yes, please PM me the device ID you are going to be re-flashing. It needs to be listed as development on the server. And yes, for the switch you described please use “normally closed” version of firmware.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, feel free to post them here. Somebody following in your footsteps may encounter that as well.

Boxes arrived yesterday, thank you very much! Hoping to install at the weekend! Last question before I start - do the two wires from the reed switch push directly into the Garadget or have I read correctly that I need one of these Dupont connectors ( and will it matter which of the two wires from the reed switch connect to the four wires of the Dupont connector?

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The sensor is connected to 4 pin extension port. The Dupont connector is a clean way to hook up to it.
The reed switch doesn’t have polarity, but you need to connect to correct two pins of the extension port.

The switch connects to the 4pin extension port in the back to pins 2 (line) and 4 (GND) counting from left to right looking from the back.

Thanks for your help again - Garage Door successfully installed (over the moon - amazing) now to do the front sliding gate. I have downloaded the relevant firmware…is there an idiots guide how to flash?

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There is a detailed info on installing the flashing software:

The command will look like this:

dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 0 -s 0x80A0000:leave -D firmware-file.bin

where firmware-file.bin is the file you are flashing

Thank you so very much for your help & unrivalled remote support over the weekend. Everything working superbly well…very happy with Garadget & exceptional after sales installation help :grin::grin::grin:

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