Smartthings + Garadget

As of this morning, my Garadget (2 garage doors) no longer works with ST. Is this due to Samsung shutting down WebCore or Groovy integrations?

I deleted both garage doors and tried to add them back and had strange from only able to add one to not able to add at all. Or, is there a server issue here? I can control my garage door perfectly fine in the official Garadget app, just not through Smartthings/Google Assistant integration.

Same here. I think it might be time to lose my Samsung smartthings.

Gentlemen, please PM me the device IDs of your Garadgets.
Not much can be done if there is an issue on the ST side, but at least we’ll know that things are right on the Garadget side.

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Hi Denis,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I sent you a PM and provided you my device IDs. I also tried to add Garadget direct to Google Home and I couldn’t add both garage doors as well. Only one is showing up during the setup. I appreciate your help and am looking forward to a solution.

Have a great day!

I’m having an issue too. I’m about to just switch my garage door sensors to an easier system. This system hasn’t been very reliable when used with SmartThings.

Denis has been quick to respond to my messages. Unfortunately, he said both of my garage doors are working properly in his system. I couldn’t get the 2nd garage door to work in Google Home and both are not working in Smartthings as of right now. As of this morning, both my garage doors are connected to Google Home but they are unavailable when I try to control them.

Currently, I found a cheaper Chinese garage controller with camera and people say they work great with Smartthings and Google Home. I probably will have to switch to that product if my issue can’t be resolved.

Today I went into Smartthings and the garage function tied to GARADGET does not work, do I deleted and try to add back but now nothing shows up
IS there a fix for this or something I need to do
Please advise cause I use ST often for many smart home items including the garage with you