State of Garadget

Garadget had a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with 209% of funding goal raised. We continue accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo’s InDemand Platform. The fulfillment is scheduled for July 2016.

Currently the team is working on manufacturing and new client apps.


We expect to receive the first production batch of Garadgets at our Colorado office on Monday, July 11. After some additional testing we’ll begin the fulfillment of crowdfunding awards to our backers. The inventory has enough units for fulfillment of all Kickstarter and Indiegogo commitments.


Web interface is completed, iOS and Android apps are published in iTunes and Google Play respectively. Multiple community-developed integrations including home automation plugins and wearable apps are awaiting the feedback from new users.

Thanks to all the backers and supporters for your patience and great feedback.

Garadget’s iOS App is now live in app store.

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Garadget’s Android App is now live in Google Play store.

Just downloaded the app from Google Play. Can’t test the App yet, but the UI looks great.

Most of the Kickstarter rewards are sent to the backers. Few units for international backers are awaiting the shipping supplies and will be out of the door by the end of the week.

Indiegogo Perks will be send out in the course of the week. From then on Garadgets will be available for normal online purchasing.

We look forward to your feedback and installation pictures.

Nearly all Kickstarter and Indiegogo pre-orders are now shipped. Several remaining orders from oversees supporters are awaiting the arrival of their country-specific power adapters.

For now Indiegogo will continue handling the stock orders. The work on the Garadget’s online store will continue when intensity of post-fulfillment technical support subsides a little.

Both iOS and Android mobile apps have been updated based on problem reports from users.
Please continue submitting your reports and suggestions and we’ll keep improving the client apps.

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