Status of new/updated apps?


Just wondering what’s going on with the new generation of apps? The new iOS and Android apps have been in beta for many months now. When will they finally be released? Why is the progress so slow?

I love the Garadget hardware…it’s a great device. But it really is crippled by the user interface in the current apps.
Honestly, it is keeping me from recommending the device.

I’d really like to see this project succeed, but I’m starting to wonder when another device with a superior interface will be released while we are waiting for new apps…


Thank you for your feedback, Nicholas.

The mobile apps are the only part of the product I haven’t designed personally so the improvements turn-round for them is much slower than we all would like to see. In June I plan to visit the developers working on the beta apps (not a short trip) and pound on some of the issues that I feel still need to be addressed before the apps are officially released.

Meanwhile if anybody is interested in development of alternative versions, I’ll be happy to discuss the cooperation possibilities.


Where can I find the API / Is the current app on GitHub?


Current firmware is here. API is covered in the description. The app might have few mods, I’ll check with the developer. Which one? Android or iOS?