Steel-line SD800 garadget installation instructions


Before buying garadget, I want to get the instructions of setting it up on my Steel-line SD800 garage door opener. The wires are not visible for connecting garadget, so I have a doubt if garadget is compatible with SD800.

Thanks in advance

Because there were no terminals for the wired button, the customer in this post ended up interfacing Garadget using a spare wireless remote:

Thanks for the reply. I have the spare wall console, so if I understand correctly I should open it and connect the garadget contacts to the button ccontacts underneath.
Just wanted to confirm the meaning of “You hook Garadget to the two contacts of the corresponding button underneath.”
Does this mean that I have to solder the garadget contacts to the button ones or is their a simpler way to hook it.


Yes, got it right.
Garadget will electrically connect the two wires for a short moment and that in turn will trigger the signal from the remote to your garage opener.

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