Still no luck with IFTTT

Worked ages ago, but never used until I recently filled my home with Google home mini devices. Loaded the simple open/close applets. Google responds like it performed the action but no movement in door. I do show the “test account” in IFTTT, but only have this one account under this email address…one door. I’ve read the other posts. Logged out of garadget. Deleted the service multiple times in IFTTT to no avail. Any clue what the heck is going on? I really don’t know what a particle account is…never had a login for that. I have Logitech harmony, a Nest thermostat and a bunch of LIFX smart bulbs…would any of those services with the same email cause issues? Do they all talk on particle?

If you were able to load any applets then the issue is not related to accounts ambiguity.
I just re-ran the tests on Garadget’s IFTTT service and they all passed so the issue is not service-wide.
Is there any relevant information for the failed actions at ?

I’m not seeing any errors, save for one on August 18th where it simple says “applet failed” When i speak to google assistant now, it doesn’t give the custom response i saved. Activity only shows where I have added/deleted service or saved/updated applets. Starting an applet from scratch isn’t working either. I guess It’s just a nice thing I’ll have to live without. Garadget performs perfectly from web, android, and android wear. Just can’t seem to get google assistant to speak with it.

You can troubleshoot trigger and action on the applet separately. E.g. create an applet triggered by the google assistant and use something else as action such as email message. Or setup applet where Garadget action is triggered by IFTTT’s widget button on your phone. This will give the idea what part of the applet fails.

Thanks very much. I will troubleshoot all elements separately. I suspect something is up with IFTTT. I’ll try deleting my account and starting over there. Cheers!

Ok… “open garage” as a trigger doesn’t work… I assume that it is taken in assistant by another service? Perhaps a google product…perhaps Nest will have something coming out? when I changed my trigger words to “let the sunshine in” I get the custom response i saved and the door opens. Will have to come up with a trigger word that is easier to say and remember. Weird.

I’ll bet it’s the chamberlain one my q or something. They supposedly work with google home without need for ifttt. So even with no applets on my account I can say close garage and get a closing response… Of course nothing happens… So now I have to say… Bugs are getting in… To close garadget until I think of something else not taken… Google fail