Stopped Status - any fixes?



Recently installed on a Gliderol door in Australia. The instructions are good and it seems to work very well, except when both my wife and I felt the need to close the door and both pressed close on our individual phones. The unit becomes confused and it reverted to ‘stopped’ mode.
It was impossible to reboot the app or make the unit respond even though it was online. The screen did not recognize taps to close/open it. Logged out and in, nothing.
I had to click the old remote to close it.
This is a concern. Is there a hard reset or a way to solve this problem guys.


Thanks for your report, @Bigjab
What was the app that you used? iOS/Android/Web?


Using iPhone 5s, firmware 1.8


There’s a firmware patch that takes care of this issue in the hardware. Web interface was also updated, mobile apps are to follow. Please let me know if you’re willing to test the update (will need device ID in PM).


Hi yes I’m willing, can I send Id via this means?


Yes, please send me a direct message so your device ID is not public. Click profile icon and then blue “message” button.


I made the mistake of playing with IFTTT while away from home @ work and the door was stuck in stopped status. I had to call my neighbor to check the status of the door it was open 3/4. SHe had to finish opening it, then shut it (all by garage button). It would be nice to have an overide option to have the door cycle the button again.


Thanks for the issue report. Several other users pointed out to this situation as well.
The re-try from the stopped state is added to the firmware patch coming out soon.
Web interface is already updated to support it and mobile apps will have it in the coming releases…


Great news :slight_smile: I’ve been using the web interface as a backup for the stopped state with no issues.


I have this also stopped??
How to fix it?


What it the actual state of the door?
The web interface allows you to activate the door from stopped state.


Current gate state is Closed.
It’s work also from app.
But I would like to see how long it’s closed. Not stoped.
What is it stopped???
It’s open or closed or offline.
Also why reflection is zero? Some time is 97!!! Some time zero?


“Stopped” state happens when you initiate “close” from the app and the sensor doesn’t confirm the closed state after period of time configured in “Door Motion Time”. Does your sensor work correctly?


How I can check?
Some time it show 97 but mostly zero.


When the door is closed, the beam must be on the reflective tag and the reflection rate reported by app should be above the configured threshold level.


Thanks, fixed. The laser was some how not pointed to the mirror. :hushed: