Stops working with Alexa

Just got my Garadget installed fine. Works fine from its own app.

Added the new ? Garadget smart home skill to Alexa, and it worked a treat open close. Status.
Tell it to close and it’s already closed it tells you. Worked great for about three hours. And now it just says “hmm I can’t tell. Go check “ to everything.

What’s going on ?

Do you still experience the issue with the skill?
Try to re-authorize it if you do and let me know if the problem resurfaces later.

Reauthorised today and it won’t find the Garadget device.

I presume the garadget smart home skill is the right one to use as it’s newer ?
Can you confirm

Yes, smart home skill is the newest, but perhaps too new and needs few kinks ironed out. Please PM your device ID and I’ll scan logs for the error messages.

I have done this alread