Suggestion for Offshoot device


Have you considered developing border security? I’m not sure what rate you are sampling the Laser for a broken connection, but if it’s pretty constant, I think it could be pretty easily adapted to creating virtual fences that would trigger an alert (or more with integrations into SmartThings etc) when someone crosses the boundary.

One place in particular where I could see this being handy is the front porch/path to house so you know when someone has come up to your door (Solicitor, UPS, someone casing the place) and could be used to trigger other actions like setting off an alert if after hours/sending a picture from a networked camera.

Just a thought and I totally get if you want to stay focused on the core product, but seems like you already have everything you’d need to do it, you’d just need to remove the garage control function and perhaps convert those to an Alarm I/O and perhaps weatherwise the casing a bit more.


Hi @majagu, thanks for your idea.

Indeed Garadget has everything needed for this sort of use, except for weather proofing. The simple change to firmware can allow the continuous scan, but the visible beam is kind of giveaway for security use.

For now the plan is to continue with Garadget improvements.