** the gardget has solved another issue! **

Hi folks. My name is Rob and I live in Buffalo, NY.
I have been searching for quite some time now for a WiFi device to use as a car starter. I’ll save you the trouble… THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE! Read on.

I purchased the “Garadget” with every intention of using it for my garage door opener to work with my Google Home (IFTTT required). I have been using another product for many years to remotely start my vehicle (while I’m in the house) and it has worked fine. With that said, I am slowly fazing the older devices out and installing WiFi.

I have found a way to use the Garadget to remotely start my car. You need a remote that has been soldered with the two wires coming out of it to use as the start function. Just put them into the terminals where you would place the garage wires and you have it. The settings in the Garadget need to be set to 1 second on each relay on, relay off to work. Any questions, I’d be happy to answer in this forum. The inventor of the Garadget may wish to move this to another forum.




This is an awesome alternative use for Garadget, Rob.
Thanks for sharing!

I seen a video on YouTube doing the same thing. I don’t think it will work with my Toyota because it requires 3 momentary connections on the remote within 3 seconds to start the car. I don’t think Garadget can do that. Change my mind.

kramer- Unfortunately, it will not work. The unit can only provide a dual pulse of the relay. I believe it would also need to pulse a different contact as well on yours. (providing you can get one apart and wire it).