The RED laser beam is dead

Hi There, i have noticed that for the last couple of days i was not getting any notifications when the garage door was either opened or closed. So i checked the unit it was for some reason blinking green and the red laser light was dead. So i though that may be the settings were lost so i unplugged the USB and left it off for a hour and did the setup again the unit connects to the network but the unit is shows offline & there is no laser beam.


The confirmation of successful network connection is LED going past blinking green into blinking cyan and then into slow pulsing cyan (when successfully connected to the server).

Please try re-adding your Garadget to the account, this will update the WiFi credentials on it.
Here’s the excerpt from the troubleshooting guide:

LED is fast blinking green
Garadget is unable to connect or login to the WiFi network. Confirm WiFi network password by logging in from another device. Restart the setup process with the correct WiFi password.

I do not see the red laser beam. I have blue led blinking. Please help.

The laser is off unless device is connected. Do you see your unit online in the client apps?

No, the device is displaying offline for 4 days now.

That the reason for the deactivated laser.
We’ll continue the connection troubleshooting in your PM.

I need this to be sorted as I’ve now moved in not my new house and got the unit configured. I can see it on my desktop & mobile app but the red laser is still not working. What do I do next…

Please PM me the device ID, I’ll first check if the issue may be caused by any of the settings.
If it is not, we’ll arrange a service for your unit.

Thank you for the reply, i have managed to update the firmware as the unit was not in use for a long, long time. i then checked each default setting and noticed that the laser frequency was set for set for every minute and so i have reduced it to twice every second and i can now see the flashing laser. So i think my unit is working fine. Can you point me to any discussion forum when suggests the best settings for best performance.

Here are the defaults:

Scan Period = 1s
Sensor Reads = 3
Sensor Threshold = 10
Door Motion Time = 10s
Relay On Time = 0.3s
Relay Off Time = 1s

And settings explained.

I bought a garadget second hand and activated it as Tor2 in the app. I can see the garadget in my app, but the red laser does not work, is it the configuration or is the device defective ?

Hi, i have solved the Problem. It was a Cold solder joint on the Red laser beam. Now it works perfect.