Time Zone issue

Hey Garadget Team,

I am getting time zone related alerts despite being outside of the alert zone.

I have an alert set up for between 10PM and 6AM Eastern (GMT-5 +DST). Currently, the local time is GMT-4.

This morning, I happened to open my garage door at 6:45am and got an alert.

I found an old post regarding a similar issue, but the resolution provided in that post (press “R” button to get latest FW) did not solve my issue. My FW version is 1.24.


The time zone issue has always been a problem for me. I use the hit or miss method when it is out of sync and try to adjust the time zone setting so my Garadget alerts sync with the actual time. Add that to the problem that Garadget’s daylight saving time change day seems not to align with my local change day and I get multiple out of sync issues a year. I wish Garadget just used the time my phone reports.

Seems better recently but maybe my garage door just hasn’t actually produced an alert condition.

Hi @garadget,

Hoping you have an idea to fix this.


Hey, jumping on to say this has always been an issue for me too. Alerts window seems to be an hour out.
I’ve been meaning to ask about this for a while, but keep forgetting!
(GMT +10)

Pacific time (San Diego)
Just opened my garage at 6:29 AM and got an alert saying my garage door was opened between 5AM and 6AM, so clearly my time or timezone are off.

Seems like a long time to not get a response on a thread, no? @garadget