Tremendous amount of messages of Opening and closed

Seems to be holding. I do not have a release rope… Do I need to leave the windows darken? The outbuilding does have blinds, as the garage does not. But like I mentioned I was getting alerts with the garage totally dark. Like I mention its been 15 minutes without an alert… hopefully that was it

With the reflection rate as high as you reported there should be no need to deal with the ambient light.

Ok… Reflection is 97, 98… I will remove the cardboard and see what happens… Thanks for the quick response!

Starting to get some alerts… reflection is at 97

Please PM the device ID, I’ll check out logs.

Got your device ID thanks.
There were no events in past hour. Do you have other Garadget units currently or previously?

I have a second unit for the outbuilding… I did send the ID for the garage

36002eXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is not the one sending the notifications.

Yes… that is the garage… I get like 20 alerts at once and then it will go like 15 or 20 minutes without an alert

It’s not from this unit though. Do you want me to check out the other one?

I didn’t see the PM for you… can you PM me so I can respond

I just installed Garadget. I had over 90% sensor, so set threshold high- 80%. But I got a lot of garage opening messages. Then I set threshold low 15%. But I still got lots of garage opening messages. I have windows all along top panel. It appears to be due to sunlight, but occurs at sunrise, midday, and sunset. I could see having issue when sun shining directly in garage, but not midday. I have sensor level with laser. What advice do you have?

Unless you receive false positive notification (reports of door closed when it’s open), please keep the threshold at the default value of 10. With the ambient light situation, you may even try value of 5.

To reduce the interference with the ambient light please consider adjusting the position of Garadget and/or the reflective tag so the sensor is not exposed to the direct sunlight. There are also options for shielding Garadget from excessive light.


I lowered threshold to 5. Have only had one nuisance faults this morning, but it is a cloudy day. Measurement is around 10.

How do I reduce the effects of ambient light?


Depending on where the light is coming from, you can move the reflective tag away from the windows so the sensor is not facing them. Some customers just used paper towel tube on the front of the Garadget as the aperture: