Tremendous amount of messages of Opening and closed

Everything works really well for me except that when I open or close my garage door, it continues to send messages to my cell phone “MyGaradget is now opening”, then “MyGaradget is now opening”, usually repeats about 50 times or so the it will quiet down. It is quite confusing at times and not knowing whether my garage is at the statuses of open or closed. I read about the setting the scene period, sensor reads, and sensor threshold, but no luck to-date. Need some help please? Ideally, when I closed my garage door, I shall receive only ONE message stating “MyGaradget is now Closed”, and stop. Same as when I open my garage, I shall receive only one message staring “MyGaradget is now Opening” and stop… Please help. Thanks…

Do I understand it correctly that you receive the messages for the time while the door is in motion, but not when it’s closed or open for the long periods of time?

I have the same issue, but not 50 at a time. At most, probably 5 notifications when the door is opening or closing. Not a big deal, but mildly annoying.

Please look for any sources of potential laser reflection as the door moves by. It can be a shiny metal panels on the door or the release rope getting in the way. Also using the web app you can observe the reflection rate while door is in motion and take notice if it goes above the threshold setting at any point other than when the door is fully closed.

Possible solutions are:

  • covering the reflective surfaces
  • changing the angle of the laser to the door so it’s not straight reducing reflection from metal surfaces
  • changing the location of the install so the laser doesn’t hit the release rope
  • increasing the threshold so the sensor is less sensitive

Hi Denis,
When the door is in motion, I receive the first message, then it continue to send closing and opening messages for about 50 to 60 times, then only it will quiet down. Same thing either when I close the garage door, or open the garage door. Note that the close and open is only one time like when you first entering the garage, then you would close it. The messages continues for 50 to 60 times on average.

Please advise. Thanks.

Please PM me the device ID and I’ll check the records for multiple event subscriptions.

Hi Denis,
I had PM you my device id, please let me know if you got it, if not, I will PM you again. Thanks.

Got it, thanks. Will check out server logs today.

The messages are not the result of the issue with push notification subscriptions or app; the device actually generates them. From what I see they last for several minutes after you close the door.

First suspect is the lamp on the opener. Please try following - close the door locally and immediately after that turn off the opener’s light to see if you still get the notifications? You can also observe the reflection rate with and without the light on.

Increasing the Sensor threshold fixed my issue. But I think tofferphl has a different issue.

My garage opener light has no switch to turn it off, is there a way to manually turn it off? Being said that, I am unable to do the test like you suggested. Please advise. Thanks…

I tried monitoring the messages, they keep coming in, and once the opener light goes off, the message stop, so your theory is correct about the opener light caused the device to behave this way. Please advise what to do.


Glad to hear we’re getting close to resolution. You can move Garadget so the opener’s light is not aligned with the laser or you can tape over some of the lamp so it doesn’t shine directly into the sensor.

I cut a piece of brown paper to cover the down part of the opener light, I only get one message when open and when close as well. Thanks for solving the mystery.

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I had the a similar problem when there was bright sunshine and the door was open and laser was pointing outside straight onto the driveway in the bright sun. It only happened at certain times of the morning. I resolved it by playing around with the threshold (increasing it) so the sensor was less sensitive. That’s what worked for me.

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I just installed my system. I am also receiving the Same alerts. I have not opened my door for hours yet I get the alerts. They seem to come and go. It may go for 10 to 20 minutes without an alert. Then. I’ll get dozens. I did try adjusting the sensitivity that did not seem to work. I’m getting a good signal. In the high 90s. The laser is dead center on the reflective tape. I stood in the garage as I was getting an alert. There are window to the side of the garage but none on the door itself. Thanks in advance

Is reflection still in 90s at the time of false notifications?

Yes… I even blocked the windows with cardboard. The garage is very dark

I have two units… one in my outbuilding… It is not giving any erroneous alerts… It has windows on the same side as the garage does

Please see if increasing sensor reads to 5 with the default threshold of 15 will make any difference. Also make sure the release rope is not in the path of the laser. Something causes reflection to momentarily drop below the threshold level.