Tried installing on 2nd phone but got a conflict

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Hi all
I successfully installed an iPhone 7 with 1 garadget device. All good and working fine.
Then I tried to install on a 2nd iPhone 7. Firstly using another login or account but had a device ownership issue. Tried to use same account details as initial setup on first phone. Got it done but when opening and closing on 2nd device, the timer went strange and neither device showed correct time since open/close. When I logged out of the app on 2nd device it all went back to normal.
Question is, how do you set up the 2nd (or 3rd) device. I didn’t see it specified anywhere and would appreciate some help.


The approach is to login into the same account on multiple devices (native apps or web app).
The “strange timer” may be due to status update delay. You can refresh the screen by pulling down or refreshing the page in web app.


Thanks, did this and now works on 4 devices


Can I have multiple accounts attached to one device. i.e. My son has a device at his house with his account attached to it and I have a device at my house with my account attached to it. Can we also each control each others devices?


Each unit can only be associated with one account. You can add both units to the same account or use different clients apps for each account on the same device (e.g. mobile app for one and web app for another).

As the features evolve over time, eventually there may be an option to share a limited access to individual units between the accounts.