Unable to reconnect after power failure


My Garadget has been working awesome for a long time now. This week the power failed in my street and my internet was offline for several hours. Upon getting my Wi-Fi and Router back up, I restarted the Garadget but it was just flashing blue. I hard reset it and tried re-adding it.

Whilst its blinking blue, I see the photon wifi, I add a door, it says on my Galaxy Note 8 it says Connecting, keeps flashing “Connecting to Garadget” then says “Please try running setup again after resetting your Garadget and putting it back in blinking blue listen mode if needed.”

I have tried adding it via the web too but it gets no further than: “Waiting for WiFi connection with Garadget”


Hi, Dan
There are few things you can try:

If nothing else, we can do a warranty repair/exchange.

Hi Denis,

Thanks as always for your support.

I tried installing npm onto my Mac (High Sierra 10.3.1) but I didn’t get too far either running npm install -g particle-cli or sudo npm install -g particle-cli

Attached is the log2017-11-28T23_59_56_486Z-debug.txt (143.1 KB)

Hi, Just an update, I think the issue either lies with my Note 8 (Smart WiFi Switching) or Meraki MR33. I grabbed my iPhone and tried setting the Garadget back up. It got further and allowed me to see AP’s, however I couldn’t see my main AP. I rebooted my AP (even though it appeared to be working fine). There was no difference, so I ended up reducing the density from 24mbit down to 1. I rebooted the Garadget and I could see the SSID. It actually just connected back to it without setting it back up.

I then put the density of my AP back up to 11mbit and I still have a connection.

Even though the npm install of particle-cli didn’t work, I am back up and running!


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