Unable to setup garadget after wifi changed

I recently had to change my wifi at home and after that when i tried to setup garadget, it fails to install.

  1. my iphone does not show the Photon wifi at all (yes. i put it in listening mode)
  2. I installed the particle cli and tried to setup using USB. That failed as well.
  3. i upgraded the firmware after which i could connect to the device. But i keep getting the message that the device has not connected to the cloud.

How can i get past this?

Where did you get the firmware for the update?
Here’s the current firmware if you want to try to re-upload it before we try other options.

Hi denis, I used one of the options that was provided in particle help for the update. It appears that it somehow got synced up last night and I was able to use it today.

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