Uncommanded Door Opening

At around 21:00 BST last night my door opened seemingly all by itself.

Neither of us (wife and I) had the key fobs and we not using the app on any device. Just wondering if there was a system glitch.

First time it happened since I first bought Garadget as a Kickstarter. Luckily, my phone alerted me to the motion so I was able to close the door again PDQ.

There was no anomalies in the system or other reports of this issue.
Please continue monitoring and report if this happens again.
You can use RF lockout feature often available on wall consoles to rule out any stray wireless commands.

Thanks for the confirmation Denis.

In general day to day use, the RFs are too weak to work from the house and it’s the first time such an event has happened since 2015 when the door was installed.

I half suspect a lag in using Alexa. The Echo Show 8 in particular seems to have more issues working with Garadget than the Echo Dots we also have.

In case it becomes an issue rather than a glitch, would you be able to tell if a command came from an Echo - I appreciate that RF and keypad operation would only log the event not the source.

Thanks again for your support.


If you suspect Alexa skill being the source, you can review the log of commands it handled in the Alexa app.

Good thinking. I always forget about the history mainly because we only use Alexa for mundane rubbish such as lights on and off, play radio etc. Having said that, I use it for Garadget as my transmitter is on its last legs.

The great thing, and one of the reasons I like Garadget, was that I got the alert notification on my phone straight away and was able to close the door before anything untoward happened.

Ironically, it used to be my transmitter that would inadvertently open the door when it was in my pocket.