Unit offline for two days and lights blinking


My IFTTT has been relatively helpful so if my door doesn’t open when I pull into my driveway I just use the regular remote. I rarely use the app or web interface.

I happened to peek out into the garage just now and saw flashing lights and knew something was up. Initially it appeared to be only a green or cyan color. App showed offline two days. Web interface showed offline 50 hours.

Grabbed my ladder and unplugged my Garadget. Plugged it back in and it was flashing very rapidly cyan, a little slower cyan, and then a slower yellow-looking color. Repeated that pattern for a bit. Checked just now and it’s back to just continually flashing cyan.

Any suggestions? Hopefully it’s not dead, although I have had mine for 2 years now…

Aaron :slight_smile:


Ok so call off the search. I ran a speed test on the access point that my Garadget is on. It ran one test and then gave me a connection error. I think it just rebooted itself (the AP) because my Garadget is back online. Very odd. Have a good night.