USB Power Input Receptacle Broke


I’ve been using my Garadget for a number of years now and loved it. However, came home today and tried opening the door but it showed my unit was offline, so I used the physical remote to enter my garage. When I got home I noticed the USB cable was pretty bent at the Garadget end. I tried bending it back to but broke the power receptacle instead. So now my Garadget unit it without power and consequently useless.

Is there anything I could do to perhaps get power back to my Garadget unit without having to purchase a new one?



Another option for connecting power is via the extension port:

Hi Denis:

Thank you for your prompt reply to my query. I too found the attached post later on, and consequently, have cancelled my order for a replacement Garadget unit as I’m going to try powering up the unit via the alternative method mentioned. I’ve noted that you’ve cancelled my order as per my request and have refunded my payment - this is very much appreciated.

I’m going to give the alternative method a try and see if this works for me.

Thanks again for your assistance.