Use the Garadget to turn off the shop Cooling/Heating

I’ve seen other use the Garadget on gates and other thing with sensors I would just love to have a set of NO/NC set of contact and a good set of wiring diagram they could even be hand drawn. I just need it to turn off the 24VAC going to the Thermostat, the Thermostat has a delay built in, in case of a power failed. My unit hang not 3’ from my garage door opener.

The main thing I’m asking is there already a set on dry contact NO/NC built into the Garadget and a simple wiring diagram showing how others have added a door sensors.

There are no extra relays in Garadget, but the extension port has lines that can be programmed to control and power a simple relay module like this.

Electrically it’s a few minutes task, but it implementing support for that in the firmware and on the cloud/client software is not as simple.

Thank You Very Much.

I saw someone else use a reed switch I think that will be a simpler way, than messing with the Garadget why mess with it if it’s working like a champ it does what I want it to, let’s me know when my wife leave the Shop Garage door open.

Thank You

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