"User credentials are invalid" when trying to sign into the android app

Everything worked fine yesterday. 10 minutes ago, I opened the app and no door showed.

I rebooted the device, and confirmed it was responding to my Hubitat via MQTT.

I am able to log into the web portal and that shows the door and works just fine.

I forced the app closed, and cleared cache. No Joy.

Forced close the app and clear data.

At that point, when attempting to log in using the exact same credentials as the web portal, I’m being told “User credentials are invalid”.


I was getting the same thing. I uninstalled the app, and re-installed from the play store. Looks like they got a new app, and the old app does not work any more. So uninstall old, and install new.

Thanks! I wonder why they didn’t de-publish the old one.

The old one was published under contracted company’s account which is no longer available. To ensure security and continue improvements we developed new app from scratch in-house and de-authorized the old app. We notified customers about the new app earlier in the year, but it looks like emailing missed some of the accounts. From now on the updates will be delivered automatically through this new listing.