Using Extension Port

Hi Denis, can you please explain how I can use Extension Por to connect additional inputs or outputs. For example:

  1. Input: my Merlin opener has an output for flashing light when the door is moving (either Up or Down). I want to use it in Garadget instead of preset timer.
  2. Input: connect hardwired Open and Close contact sensors - instead of just guessing that the door is open
  3. Outputs: provide separate Open and Close outputs (the best option!)

I’m SW/Electronics engineer - so you can go technical.

But of course the best option is - if you could integrate these ideas in your firmware and make it configurable in settings. I could also help you if you are too busy.

Love to get technical.
Alex, you are connecting to Particle P1. Here is the pinout of the extension port:

Re. Extension port:

  1. I2C SCL
  2. I2C SDA
  3. +5V
  4. GND

I2C pins can also be used as GPIO pins D0 and D1.


You can see this is done in the modified firmware version where one of them is used for hardwired contact sensor.

More questions? AMA!

Thank you Denis! I’ll have a look. Will take time.
Main question is still “f you could integrate these ideas in your firmware and make it configurable in settings”

One feature on your list is already available. The other two are not frequently requested.

Do you mean 'available" in standard firmware? Or custom?

It’s available in a firmware version which you can request flashed to your unit.

Ah, cool, but how do I use it?
And as I said before - it’s better (for you too) if it was only one firmware version, but configurable

If you want a wired sensor firmware, please PM your device ID and name and I’ll flash it remotely.
More information and setup discussions are in these posts.

Re. configurable option: thanks for suggestion. We’ll consider it for the future firmware update.