Using Garadget without an internet / cloud connection


How do I set up my Garadget for stand-alone / no internet / no cloud use? I.e. if I want to use it on my local WiFi LAN only, with the Garadget communicating only to my HAS (home automation server,) in this case based on OpenHAB?

A) this is my personal preference for privacy & security reasons, and also B), with all due respect, I don’t know if the ParticleCloud service is going to be working in 10 years, or 15, or 20 – whereas the Garadget hardware may still work fine then.


This is frequently requested feature and it’s close to the top of our list. Garadget’s hardware is capable of supporting it and it’s just a matter of implementing it in the code.

At the moment the focus is on making all existing features stable with the help of valuable feedback from the backers and early buyers. Once current functionality is close to flawless, the resources will be reassigned to the next round of additions.

As an open source project, Garadget allows the community contributions. The official firmware is available on github and we welcome the user contributed versions and pull requests.


Thank you, I’m glad to hear that this use-case / configuration will be supported in due course.


What’s the status on this request? I see it’s the TOP requested feature on the wishlist voting.
Has it been implemented yet?



The cloud-less mode is a major feature with serious security implications so it would be a mistake to rush it.
It requires major additions to firmware and client apps. Garadget is a bootstrapped project so it needs few more sales to take on a task of this size.

Please stay tuned.


Thanks for the update. I am at least encouraged that the firmware is open source and if I wish I can go in there & try to hack around with it to suit my own needs. Will look forward to official support for cloud-less operation however.



Yes, community contributions and Garadget’s code audit are very much encouraged.


Update: I don’t have enough programming skills to be able to accomplish a cloud-less firmware implementation in a reasonable amount of time.

My Garadget sits on the shelf in its shipping box and will remain there until there is a firmware option to operate without a cloud/internet connection.


Nice job trying to squelch the backlash from you INCREDIBLY POOR handling of a justifiably irate customer.
You are an amateur, and you lack the character to run a business.
Best part - you are aware of the Streisand effect, yet were unable to control your impulses.

Your on my blacklist sir - no Garadget products in this house.


Yes, the handling of that single incident was bad and I admitted it.

You can continue enjoying the character assassination, but I’m just asking to keep your communal effort focused on me personally and restrain from posting in support threads where customers are receiving the technical support. They did nothing wrong to have to deal with this.


There’s no reason to provide technical support because your product is garbage not even remotely worth using anyway. To anyone attempting use this product, Stop, return it immediately for a full refund. You’re wasting your time and money. Even if this product is exactly what you wanted to be you are endorsing the worst sin known to man, bad customer service.

I like the term character assassination because it is meaningless in every way and is a phrase used by people who have finally realized that the court of public opinion has found them guilty. Why don’t you just do what I know that you want to do, and remove all of the negative posts from your website. The idea that you entertain things that are against you is laughable. This is your website, You have complete control, why would you dare to entertain somebody who was against you, when you can remove them absolutely?

Guess what, you made a mistake and now is the time to own up to that mistake. If you do that now maybe one iota of your worthless company will be worth salvaging in some way. Probably not but hey you can try. Because frankly, it’s going to go one of two ways. Either this is going to hurt your company as it grows larger, or your company is not actually going to grow larger and was always going to fail anyway. Either way, A tiny portion of the Internet will experience schadenfreude on a scale unparalleled.


Guess what, I made a mistake and now I owning up to that mistake.

With all the respect, I doubt that you researched my product enough to present and educated conclusion about its value. Even though I poured my soul into it for two years from concept through electrical, mechanical engineering, PCB design, firmware, web, integrations, fundraising, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, fulfillment and customer support - I will not let another internet stranger trigger me by calling it garbage or other names. I’m committed to my product and to my customers. The service will remain accessible for years to come regardless of the outcome of my mistake even if I have to pay for it from personal funds.


I was very happy with the purchase, and the personal, fast and accurate assistance given.
Got mine set up and running.
But agree that as a paying happy customer I do look forward to the non-internet functionality.
I quite like the owning up to mistake and had the impression from the get go of support that it was a real person. It felt personalised and real.

Mistakes made, apologies made. All grown up people are now happy. Product improvements incoming.

Such is the internet, trolls ensue.
Trolls will always troll.
Hopefully the progress on issues is not hampered.


Don’t really like derailing threads, but… Really? Worse sin know to man is bad customer service?

I don’t think the unit should have been bricked, but I’m actually kind of tired of people thinking they have the right to be jerks to someone who is providing customer support of any type. The backlash that the garadget reaction caused kind of shows how entitled people are…

PS, I’m very happy with my unit. Installed it in 15 minutes and it’s been working perfectly, so it’s certainly not trash. I do want the non-cloud functionality and as the poll showed its a common desire, not related to any support reaction. I’ve recommended the unit to others and will continue to do so.


Well said. I love my Garadget and enjoy showing it off. :slight_smile:


Me too! I combined mine with a Yi Home camera and now I have visual validation of garage activity alerts. This is one of the best IoT devices invented yet. I’ve used mine to open the door for delivery’s and relatives from 35 miles away. With the few times I’ve required assistance - I’ve always received a prompt response with great solutions and explanations.

This is a great product, that will only get better as it matures.


I had a completely different and excellent customer service experience. There was an issue with the device I initially purchased and after a very civil exchange of possible solutions, the product was replaced. For a small, crowdfunded company, I found the service to be exceptional.