Verify device ownership

I am seeing the exact same problem. Getting an Oops after the verifying device ownership setup runs. The device is blinking cyan during this process and stays like that after. I have my router setup for WPA2 and I even changed the router password once and connected all other devices but the Garadget setup is failing. I have tried this setup about 15 times now with different devices but the behavior is exactly same.

It would be great if you could send a replacement along with the return label and I can send back the defective piece. I saw that your company is based out of colorado which is where I am located as well.

No worries Neeraj, we’ll get this resolved.
Is there an occasional red blink between the cyan?

Nope, it’s just blinking cyan. I do see the front light blinking red at the same time but at a slower pace.

I meant to say the front Lazer.

Is there a way to try to set it up at friend’s or neighbor’s network for troubleshooting purposes.
The fast cyan blinking without occasional red blinks indicate difficulties connecting to the server.

I can try they but that won’t be until the next few days as I am travelling. I think the 1st 4 steps must be completing which also involved WiFi and cloud connectivity. Only the product registration fails.

We’re using LED indications for troubleshooting because the steps in the setup process are for illustrative purposes only.

They’re displayed by the app at approximate time when they’re suppose to be happening with app attempting to reconnect the device again after verifying product ownership step. If app is unable reconnect then it’s always the last step where the error appears.

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