Web App shows no devices - Native app shows both

I was trying to do some integration work with Vera and ran into some issues. Logged out of the web app and back in, and no devices showed up Tried web app on both a Windows 10 laptop and on the android phone with same web app behavior. Login to the Android app on the same android device works perfectly. Devices show up and function properly.

On the web app, after successful authentication, but no devices found, if I select Settings I get the following message:
“Organization not found for user”

Anyone else experiencing different behaviors between native and web apps?

This situation is possible if you have a generic Particle account and Gardget specific account with the same email address. Web app will log you into a Particle account if both exist while mobile apps only log into a Garadget specific account.

I’d recommend registering a separate Garadget specific account with a different email and move your unit to it.

OK, I’ll give that a shot.