Web app stopped state remains stopped after closing


I opened my garage from the cloud login, when I attempted to close the door, it went into “stopped” state. I’ve tried to close it using the web app, but it remains in stopped state. I can not press the button on the wall to get the door to close. It appears to be stuck in the open state. Please advise. Thanks


Stopped state means that the sensor haven’t received the confirmation that the door closed within the expected time (motion time setting). The door either didn’t fully close (reversed or stopped) or sensor does not report the closed door.

What is the reason you’re unable to press the button? Is it that because you’re not at location or you press it without any effect? Normally, the operation of the wall button and existing wireless remote is not affected by Garadget.


Hi, thanks for the quick response.
To clarify, I can access the wall button. When the garadget status is in “stopped” mode, the button on the wall is unresponsive. So I literally can not close the garage door. The button won’t work, and when I use the webb app, the door says it’s closing - but then nothing actually happens. The app shows the garage closing, but when looking at the door - it is not moving. Then the door status goes into “stopped” mode. Last night I manually closed the door by pulling it down, waited all night to try out the wall button. The wall button is now working. Garadget state is now “closed”. I’ve yet to try using the app to close, or trying out any tasker actions. It’s like it reset itself after a certain amount of time???

This has happened numerous times with my now (old need to return to you ) un-responsive garadget, and is starting to happen with the new unit. It’s like garadget gets confused and then just hangs up, with no way to actually reset itself in the web app.

I absolutely love the functionality of Garadget, and know I’m just a newbie. I want this to work consistently and understand what to do when something like this happens. Keeping my fingers crossed for success.
Thanks for your help.


Is your opener an older model? Up to now there were two cases when customer’s older opener was running so much current through the Garadget’s relay that it would weld the contacts together and they’ll stay stuck for some time. To verify if this is what’s happening in your your case, please try following: when wall button becomes unresponsive, loosen screws in the blue terminal, remove the control wires and try wall button again. If the button responds, then the relay is stuck closed.

With other customers I ended up externally adding 10A relay instead of using the Garadget’s 0.5A relay. We can do the same with yours too, but I’m on the road and away from the shop until mid-July. If you feel adventurous, I can provide the instructions on how to do the mod (basic soldering involved).